Welcome to Lavender Lemonades web page! We are excited that you have decided to check out our page and would like to thank you for your support. Lets get right to it.

For women and men in Christ the biggest issue in this day and age is waiting on God’s timing. What did we decide to do? Start a podcast! Four ladies, living life together taking practical faith-based steps towards God’s plans for our lives.

 Often times people believe that as a Christian we  must walk a straight and narrow path. Wrong! We are human. We do make mistakes . We face temptation. We are just like anyone of you.  In life we all make mistakes but we are not to allow them to define us.  With that being we invite you to travel along on our journey as we discuss life’s sweet and sour moments.

We hope you are ready to put down the tea and start sipping some Lemonade.