Anticipation,Perfection & Cookie Cutters

Hey! The Ladies of Lavender Lemonade just wanted to stop in before airing our very first podcast. We want to Thank all of our supporter up until this point. The willing ones and the ones we may have had to strong-arm LOL. We wish we could express how excited we are for this opportunity, but there will ever just be enough words to say. This journey has been a windy just up until this point nothing negative, no hurt feeling or misunderstanding. Just …..

Lets start with Anticipation, the action of expecting or predicting. This podcast all started as a suggestion, just an entertaining thought. Something so small that in the beginning could have easily been replaced or dismissed. That just didn’t happen for us we started seeing past that thought envisioning a future for this thing added direction and some dreams now we on to something. This all seems normal right? There no harm in anticipation? But I’m sure as we all know and have experienced there is no anticipation without its 2nd cousin twice removed Worry, the negative thoughts, images and emotions, perceived as some possible outcomes. By this point we have had to reassure each other, it’s okay we will try, we will do great. Gods placed it on our hearts to use our voices to encourage his people LETs GO!   It has been a blessing to have the support of faith focused peers around to help realign our thought daily, it helps not to confuse the two Anticipation and Worry, its nothing wrong with dreaming, having a plan, and expectations. It’s the worrying we tend to get hooked up on, that turns everything upside down be aware. Reflect a little, is there anything that’s been on your heart to do? Has your list of concerns and doubts been out weighting the purpose in which God placed that dream on your heart? How can you remain in a posture of a positive head space daily? What practical steps could you add to your living routine that will help you move in that positive direction?

With that said we are led to the ideal of Perfection, the state of being free of any possible flaws or defects. It’s always a thought to where do we get this idea from? How is it everything must be in a particular order, and it’s not done right unless I do it? Why is it that it’s okay when it comes to others to make mistakes and grow from it but us Oh No! Especially from the stand point of an African-American female, educated and working in the corporate world. Having the opportunity to live life with the Ladies of Lavender Lemonade I have seen it in each of us in everything we do. It must be done to a certain degree, we have said it once and I’m sure many more times to come Quality over Quantity! Or I’m not to think like that or Saying that! But WE TOO ARE HUMANS, we will fall we will be defeated, but it’s what we do afterwards that counts keep going!

Being human means, you will make mistakes. And you will make mistakes, because failure is Gods way of moving you in another direction. Oprah Winfrey

Lastly we are not to fit a mold, we are not cookie cutter, each Lady of Lavender Lemonade holds such different talents, skills and cares. We all play a valuable role not only to each other but whom ever we come in contact with. We can all try to alter our behaviors, the things we do and say yet if we do not build on our identity, get into a routine in remind ourselves daily of: 1.  who’s we are  2: who we are in that. We will forever feel like our journey is to walk in circles. Purposeless in self effort. For us we are walking in a posture of We are Gods daughter’s heiress to the throne, loved, and favored. From that stand point we chose to participate willingly in whatever god has planned for us at the time, he has not set out to harm us. We are his ambassadors, just speaking from places of experience.

For you formed my innermost parts; You knit me in my mother’s womb. I will give thanks and praise to you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well. Ps 139: 13-14

Please be sure to listen in Sept 24th as we air our first podcast. We hope you like it, and we hope we can be a source of encouragement in the future. Again, we Thank you for checking us out please be sure to subscribe to or social sites and feel free to contact us with questions, or suggestions.

Ladies of Lavender Lemonade

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