Dave And Buster, you want our opinion ….??

Hey again Ladies of Lavender Lemonade has had yet another opportunity to enjoy a local establishment. DAVE AND BUSTERS!!! An arcade and restaurant with full Bar service. I’m sure you all have heard of them, maybe you have already enjoyed them but hear us out, see what we enjoyed. First, let me say this we all love one another dearly, but when it comes to a good competition we plays no game we all trying to win that first place oh we all want that. With that said when it comes to the games these were our favorites:

Basketball Shoot out

Basketball Connect Four

Mario Karts! And any other race car game real life competition here

Another game we really enjoyed, a perfect fit for us, included four guns, large screen and team work! We could have stayed on that for hours, we all agreed this would be a great addition in one of our homes one day. TOMB RAIDER!!

Now on to the food, we all agreed that overall the food was good, But… that “Holy But” But God, he himself touch the following menu items:

Mango Berry Bull – martini great balance or sweet and sour, of strawberry and mango

Huli Huli Pot stickers- a twisted arcade food, not traditional thank goodness because they taste good!

Salty Pretzel Dog- great finger food a salty treat pair with a honey mustard, a great dish for children and adults

Fire Grilled Salmon – great option if you really need to eat a dinner, no need to play when you hungry. I said this was Flavor Town.

Churros Party station- churros were filled with either chocolate or dulce de leche (HEAVEN)

Peppermint & Chocolate Ganache Bundt Cakes – PMS cake for sure! if you in your feels or needing just a fix this will knock that right you have back on your toes joy filled ad read to go.

If you look to be a kid again but still eat like an adult Dave and Busters is the place! Just have fun enjoy your self the staff will take great care of you.

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