Big Girls Do Cry…

This week has been unsettling to be honest with you. I know, I should be at the peak of my joy and excitement. I have my girls by my side and we just started a podcast. Feedback has been good, and the support great. But tell that to my feelings. This week I have had thoughts of being left behind, not having enough, and things just not working out on my behalf. My mind has been cycling, day in and day out. Speaking negative word to myself and no motivation to push forward, past my feeling and in with faith. My feelings got the best of me I admit!

Where is my help? How do I gain my strength? Where is God in this?

Have you been struggling with your feelings this week?

°Needing validation from others?

°Feeling drained, little joy, no peace?

°Questioning if what you have is enough?


It’s true, we are human we have feelings, and this is life its bound not to go our way, or as planned. So, it’s okay to be down and out, maybe even cry some. You deserve it. You have been standing strong for this long. Giving it all you have. Its hard not to fall in the cycle.

How to restore feelings to align with your faith:

  1. Stand firm in your choice knowing Gods working all things for your good.
  2. Meditate on Gods words to place them in your heart; for out of the heart your mouth speaks you can declare over yourself the promise you know he has for you even when you don’t feel it.
  3. Avoid isolating, continue to commune with like-minded support for your encouragement can be found here.
  4. Create purpose, you are needed, find ways to fulfill the need of wanting to be wanted by serving in areas of need in your community or church, Journal- write it down for reflection later to notice what maybe small successes. Daily Devotional- start reading scripture, find a devotional on your bible app, commit to a daily reading. Create a play list- make note of good worship songs to get your mood together also some songs that just get you HYPE for Jesus!
  5. Daily, create routines to refuel, God doesn’t make you do his will yet it our choice, make routines to die daily to what is our normal. Negative thinking, complaining or separating. Choice to react different this time.


So today I can say after a few days focusing on the bad things and what’s not happening for me. I have made the choice to die to self. Refocus on the bigger picture God has drawn out for me in which I am not the center of, yet his people are.

My prayer: God to forgive me, for you have a calling on my life you are all seeing and all knowing. I will remain in the passenger seat, allowing you to guide me and take me where I need to be, to be utilized for your works your people and things bigger then I can imagine. I can’t do this in my self-efforts, it’s a proven fact as I look back on my life. You have purpose for me, you have good influences for me and you have great blessings my way, I will not postpone my future in you by getting in the way. Every dream you placed on my heart will come true, just in your pace not mine. Jesus, I thank you for what will happen today and in advance for what’s in store to come. Amen.

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