This year is coming to an end and it’s not slowing up. Have you ever wondered have you bitten off too much? You start to think your being pulled in too many directions, Feeling frustrated and under qualified. You wonder if you are making the best of the time you have. I have found myself doing the math, you get 24hrs in a day, work is 8:30am- 5pm so that leaves me with afternoons for meetings, and you really want to focus on your health so that only leaves one option. Ebony start your day earlier, 5 am it is! If you want this then you must do it, no excuses. THE QUESTIONS DON’T STOP THERE; Did I make the best of my year? Could I have done more? Did I do too much? Quantity over Quality?

We drown ourselves with endless questions, criticism and judgments. That won’t change a thing! One question I make sure I keep and that helps reset my focus is “God is this what you have intended for me to do?”

A bible story that embodies all the questions, deceit, and humility that one’s roller coaster style life can bring is that of Joseph. You know the story, Joseph was the most favored son out of his father’s sons, his brother got rid of him by putting him in a well, and he was sold into slavery. During that time, he rose to take a high seat next to Pharaoh.  You can read it in the book of Genesis.

The reason that story stuck out to me is because I’m sure Joseph had similar feelings as we do and QUESTIONS, oh I know he had Questions. No we aren’t literally in slavery but have you ever been in a cycle? Most of us have not been thrown into a well but have had feelings of loneliness, and isolation. And not to mention our experiences with people, no need to harp on that as we have all dealt with our share of good and bad relationships. We tend to create our next move, plan for our next steps in life just based off our life experiences.

Going into this year like most I had the vision board the goals and resolutions. All to change my life for the better while including God to the fullest. To combat those feeling of isolation, fear, anxiety, and loneliness.  Now at times I feel like I took on too much. Why is that? Is this still what you have intended for me God?

Based on my personal experiences, looking back at last year 2017 and looking over 2018 I can list a few red flags that lets me know I have stepped out of Gods will for me:

  1. Decrease in dreams, lack of creativity and thinking outside of the box.
  2. Expecting recognition for the things I do.
  3. Tired, no matter how often I sleep I didn’t feel rested.
  4. Lack of supporters, the feeling and maybe even the reality its only me against the world.

God’s will and purpose for our lives is to motivate others through his love, and to encourage people with his words. He will not ask of us without providing tools of strength, joy and hope just to name a few.  When you lose sight this will be a good time to ask yourself “God is this what you have intended for me to do?”

You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position, so I could save the lives of many people.  Gen 50: 20 

Lord today I pray as we start making plans for our future our new year, that they remain in line with the will you have for our lives. Continue manifesting dreams and opportunities. Equip us with your strength and the ability to understand, to move out of a position of clarity (move into a position of clarity). We thank you for all you have made way for this year and thank you in advance for what is in store this coming year In Jesus name we pray Amen .

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