Welcome Back; we are back!

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understand; in all your ways acknowledge Him and he shall direct your path.

I don’t even know where to start it’s a new year 2019, the time you look back and say I never thought I would be here in life, at this point? I never imagined myself doing any of this, i have been thinking clear as I have been, being aware of my action and the effects they have on others, the opportunities ahead of me. God your peace and let not forget your Joy. Let me reflect just a little bit 2018 I was coming into the year feeling I lost out in reference to a relationship, and I lost myself too. During that year I came into a new revelation of who I am, why I am, and what to become of the life God has given me! All I ask of God in 2018 was to continue making his overflowing joy available to me, once I experienced it, I always felt he would take it away, or something would come up and disturb it. NOT! I can tell you today that cup of joy is still running over with no intentions of stopping. I wish I could bottle up this excitement and holy anticipation in jars and pass it out if only everyone could feel this. It’s Amazing. It’s just a great position to be in when entering a new year. One of the values of being in this position is Dreaming. It feels like the sky’s the limit, every day it’s a new idea, a new thought the next big picture. Like it’s all over the place but because I know Gods in control I’m not at all worried. Forever venture I set out to do go wants to be the center, he wants his name glorified in the end. I know in my growing in God I would have questions and concerns like:

How would I know what God has called me to do?

I haven’t been through anything to know anything how can he use me?

What’s my story to tell your people?

I can’t relate.

I’m sure there is someone more qualified than me to do whatever it is your asking.

Oh naw! That’s scary I don’t even know how that’s going to turn out.

Well I hope if it’s for me it will happen.

Now that I know God created me for his glory, he has the ultimate story and I have FAITH that it will happen. It has been a game changer.

One of the sad things I realized is we are creatures of habit a so many of us from a young age have learned or been conditioned to mix uncomfortable with fear or negative outcomes leaving most of us still or victims mind-set. Some of us were also brought up in environment in which those negative mindset and behaviors were modeled. I can remember from my environment, it was always said family that’s all you can depend on friends and other people leave you every time. When I say I struggle with this daily, I have to give it to God every day. It gets me off my focus of God. It puts me in a mood of examining those around me questioning their motives and planning to complete what ever task at hand on my own. Can you say unhealthy God gave us the ability to build relationships, they will take time to build but they are in his will. And to get to where he has called you cannot go at it allow. It all set in for me even when it comes to this blog and the podcast, as god gets the glory from which ever platform, we use he will work everything else around you, he will bring the right people, he will make it affordable, he will support you. Yes, you will experience set back some frustrations, but bottom line is your joy and peace are not tampered with. No need to worry just step out! So, with this year and us being at the beginning don’t let another min pass without you stepping out side of your comfort zone set out on a new venture a new way to glorify God. If that’s through your physical health hit the gym, park further away from the door, or take the stairs anything. Wanting to Start a business? Take a few classes at your library. Start somewhere start today!

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